Preschool drop off

I just dropped off my big nugget at preschool and I was so proud (and a little shocked) at how well she did. Frankly, she was so excited to see her teacher and play in her classroom that she barely cared that her dad and I left.

What a difference a few months make because when we started school back in January, it wasn’t so easy. It was new and strange and scary and intimidating but our former preschool director gave us some great advice to get us acclimated and make the transition as easy as possible.

We were encouraged to come a few weeks early and do a few trial classes. The first one, I stayed the entire time. The second one, I left a little early. The third, I just did what would be a normal drop off and left. This really helped ease her into being there and gave her the confidence that she could do it and that I would always come back to get her.

We also made a list of what we would do at drop off. The important part here is that you as the parent sticks to the list and even if it doesn’t go as planned, you leave when the list if done. With us, it was fairly simple.

  1. Get signed in
  2. Put your things in your cubbie
  3. Show me what you are excited to do that day (We go to a Reggio Emilia school, lots of art and play in the classroom)
  4. Give me a great big hug and kiss
  5. Walk me to the gate, mom leaves

The first week was a breeze, the second week was a little harder but we stuck to the plan and she adjusted quickly and fairly anxiety free. Now she is thriving in school and both of us were VERY excited for the new school year to begin.